Jantho Ranger Federation

Rainforest protection
The Jantho Ranger Federation (JRF) is a partnership between the SOCP, BKSDA Aceh (local government conservation authorities) and local Community Rangers. Together, we work to monitor orangutans in remote forest areas and to protect the forest habitat and all the wildlife within.

Their mission

The JRF teams are deployed across the Jantho Nature Reserve in northern Sumatra. The Community Rangers are local people from communities adjacent to the Jantho forest who have been employed by SOCP to implement aspects of our vital JRF monitoring and surveying activities. SOCP has substantially invested in building Community Rangers’ technical, practical and management capacities to do so, and continues to support their capacity development. The JRF further strengthens community relations and we are proud to be empowering the people of Jantho to be its long-term protectors and advocates through these essential positions.

A lot of different tasks

Using the holistic, protected area management SMART platform, the CRs will patrol and survey the Jantho Reserve to observe and collect data on the behaviour of released orangutans, the condition of the forest and threats to it. We collect wide-ranging data which is verified, analysed, and thereby provides information for Community Rangers to investigate on their patrols. This includes remote sensing data from sources such as Global Forest Watch, which provides both forest loss (Global Land Analysis & Discovery Alerts) and fire hotspot (MODIS) data on a monthly basis. BKSDA Aceh also helps to identify patrol areas, such as locations where they have received reports of potential threats.

«Jantho Ranger Federation»

The Community Rangers actively search for and record data on far-ranging released orangutans, capturing a variety of orangutan behaviours. The Community Rangers will spend several days of the 10-day missions focussed on intensively searching for orangutans and conducting focal follows. They will use direct encounter and indirect nest survey methods to better understand habitat use and ranging behaviour of the orangutans as they disperse. The Community Rangers also collect conservation data including indices of human disturbance, e.g., human trails, hunting, tree cutting, and non-timber forest product collection, as well as biodiversity surveys, climatological and phenological monitoring. The teams will ground check the identified threat areas, documenting any illegal activities, while collecting data on the presence of other wildlife occurring in the area. If anyone is encountered during patrols, the Community Rangers will also engage with them on the laws and the importance of the area’s conservation. In instances of threat identification, SOCP will immediately notify our partners BKSDA Aceh in order for them to take further action.

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