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PanEco is a non-profit NGO with headquarter in Berg am Irchel, Switzerland. Since 1996 we have been actively involved in nature and species conservation and environmental education. 


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PanEco offers up to four places for community service volunteers in its programmes in Indonesia. To qualify for an assignment, the volunteers must have a suitable professional profile and some experience, and they must be available for several months. At the same time, our team in Indonesia must also be able to offer a meaningful job. Sometimes everything comes together just right, as in the case of Kevin Knecht, who tells us about his four-month assignment in Medan, North Sumatra.
Orangutan protection, PanEco, Rainforest protection
We are about to officially launch a new project that is unique in the world: Our Orangutan Haven will be the new home for orangutans that can no longer be released into the wild due to various impairments. The Haven is also an environmental education centre on the topics of rainforest, orangutans and illegal wildlife trade. The first orangutans are now being relocated from the quarantine and rehabilitation centre on Sumatra to a number of islands in Orangutan Haven.
Orangutan protection
There are currently 58 Orangutans living in our rescue and care station on Sumatra. They receive their food delivered to their enclosures throughout the day. On average, the animal keepers give 3 kg of fruit, vegetables and green fodder per animal. The menu is richer than in the wild and orangutans also have favorite foods. When it comes to food, it is also important to optimally prepare the animals for life in the wild.
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With the SOCP, we are committed to holistic orangutan and rainforest conservation in Sumatra.

The Thurauen Nature Centre is located at the gateway to the largest floodplain conservation area in the region and is dedicated to environmental education. 

The Bird of Prey Sanctuary cares for injured birds of prey and owls and carries out environmental education. 


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