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BABYROOM JANTHO Zweites Jantho Baby Mameh mit Mutter Mongki - Zweites Jantho Baby Mameh mit Mutter Mongki Full view


For the second time an infant from a reintroduced orangutan mother was born in the Jantho Nature Reserve. «Mameh», the young female orangutan is only the second offspring in our newly built up orangutan population.

On November 7th 2017 our workers from the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP have met a former orangutan-patient in the wild of Jantho. To the delight of everyone the orangutan mother «Mongki» was carrying a newborn infant. The team gave her the name «Mameh», which means «beautiful» in Indonesian. Since the beginning of reintroduction in Jantho in 2011, Mameh is now the first female to be born to a new wild population of orangutans.

Since 2011 our Sumatran Orangutan Conversation Programme SOCP had already freed many orangutans from illegal captivities, nursed them in our rescue and rehabilitation station and re-established them in the free wild of Jantho. As well as Mameh’s mother Mongki. The female orangutan was found with her neck chained to a cage in a garage by our team in 2010. After one and a half year of care and rehabilitation near Medan, Mongki was able to get released back into freedom in our resettlement area Jantho.

The birth of already the second infant of a former captivated and reintroduced orangutan mother shows us that we are on the right way. Our aim for the next few years is to establish over 350 more orangutans in the area of Jantho to build up a new, self-sustaining wild population. And in the end to protect the orangutangs from extinction.

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