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Environmental education

People also protect what they know and appreciate. Under this motto, PanEco has been campaigning for many years to ensure people and nature can coexist positively. At the nature centre in the Zurich Weinland region and also in the three environmental education centres in Indonesia, environmental education measures are the focus of our involvement.

Where do we educate about the environment in our projects?

In Switzerland

  • Since 2004, PanEco has been running the environmental education centre UBZ NeulandWeinland in Berg am Irchel, which was incorporated in the Thurauen Nature Centre in 2011. The team from the nature centre enables its visitors to experience nature up close with the aim of making them aware of the concerns of nature conservation and showing them possible ways in which they can act. The programme is aimed at schools, families and groups of adults.
    > Thurauen Nature Centre project
  • In guided tours and excursions, the Berg am Irchel Bird of Prey Sanctuary brings children and adults closer to the indigenous birds of prey and makes them aware of the need to protect these animals.
    > Berg am Irchel Bird of Prey Sanctuary project
  • With the teaching material «FlussAuen – Das Land im Wasser» (Alluvial landscape – the land in the water), the Thurauen Nature Centre provides schools with an extensive work for dealing with the theme of running waters and floodplains. The teaching material provides a wealth of ideas and materials for teaching about the environment in an experience-oriented manner at middle school. In addition, teaching aids on the topics of «Beavers» and «Birds of prey» have also been developed. This teaching material is only available in German.
    > Teaching material and teaching aids of the nature centre (de)

In Indonesia

  • Together with its partner foundations YEL, YLHS and YLHP, PanEco runs three environmental education centres (PPLH) on Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. Here locals and also tourists learn about and come to appreciate the unique diversity of the tropics. They are taught how to deal with the natural resources in a sustainable manner, for example in the form of organic rice cultivation or fish breeding. As another alternative source of income for the local people, we support the development of touristic offers which take nature and culture into account.
    > Environmental Education Centres in Indonesia project
  • The teaching material «Tropical Rainforest» was developed in the Bohorok Environmental Education Centre on Sumatra. The handbook for teachers and an exercise book for pupils is currently being tested by 50 primary schools in Binjai City. In the long term the aim is to introduce it throughout the country.