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FIVE ORANGUTANS ON THEIR WAY TO JAMBI These trucks are used to move the orang-utans through the rainforest to the reintroduction station. The trip is difficult and long – but the ultimate freedom is worth the effort! Full view


Last week, five orang-utans were moved to the reintroduction station in Jambi. Amoy, Alda, Alam, Kedaung and Bumbu are the first orang-utans in over a year that are finding their new home there.

On Thursday afternoon, the orang-utan protection programm team and the five orang-utans started their journey to the Jambi province. The reintroduction station is based in the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park south of the qurantine station. Depending on the prevailing conditions, the trip to Jambi takes almost two days. But the difficult journey is worth it: life in freedom in the protected rainforest is waiting for the orang-utans.

Last year, we could only release orang-utans into the wild in our second reintroduction station in Jantho. As the authorities did not issue the necessary permits for the transport of the animals we could not move any orang-utans to Jambi. Sometimes, the regulatory mills grind slowly … But this year, we plan to release 10-15 orang-utans into the wild in Jambi. This is a promising outlook !

Meanwhile, in the Batu M’belin quarantine station five more orang-utans are being prepared for their big trip: BunBun, Joe, Aljo, Septian and Jambi. They will probably be released via our reintroduction station into the protected forest of Jantho at the end of April.

For now, we hope that our five orang-utans in Jambi will get settled in the rainforest soon and will then lead a happy life in freedom.

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