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GETIKA AWARD FOR REGINA FREY AND PANECO Regina Frey est très heureuse de gagner le prix de Getika. Full view


Each year the Getika foundation awards a prize to commemorate efforts for endagered species or the welfare of animals. This year Regina Frey, the founder of PanEco, received this award and the prize in the amount of CHF 10`000.

The Getika foundation and the Zoo Zurich are both committed to improve the welfare of animals e the relationship between humans and animals. PanEco and Regina Frey were honored on 7 March 2017 for their extraordinary achievements for the Sumatra orangutans and their work for the preservation of this species, which is highly endangered by extinction.

After a speech by Alex Rübel, the director of the Zoo Zurich, Regina Frey, President of the PanEco foundation, spoke to the audience about our work for the Sumatran orangutan conservation programme and stressed the need for a comprehensive rainforest protection. In order to protect the Sumatra orangutan a holistic approach is important. In addition to the efforts for the animals directly (confiscation, evacuation, rehabilitation and resettlement), lobbying, research and awareness-raising work is also crucial.

The roof of the clinic building in the rehabilitation centre is in urgent need of renovation! The prize money will allow the repair and partial renovation of this roof. The new roof will be built in collaboration with local workers. We are glad that this is now possible!

We are proud to join ranks with other honourable organizations. The past prize-winners are committed to the protection of wild animals and nature reserves around the world or to the survival of large cats in Africa.

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