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Implementation partners


The Foundation for a Sustainable Ecosystem YEL is our partner for projects on Sumatra

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Schafe werden auf die Weide getrieben

The Bungerthof is an organic farm which advocates sustainable environmental education.

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Other important partners

University of Zurich – Anthropological Institute

Institute for the study of the evolution of humans and their behaviour. Together with the institute, PanEco runs the Suaq Research Station on Sumatra.

University of Zurich – Veterinary Hospital

Close cooperation between the bird of prey sanctuary and the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Zurich. Complicated medical cases are treated in the Veterinary Hospital and are taken back to the sanctuary for rehab and then to be returned to the wild. Cooperation in the training of prospective vets specialising in the bird of prey branch of wildlife medicine.

Zurich Zoo

PanEco’s Orangutan Conservation Programme is one of the six nature conservation projects supported by Zurich Zoo. PanEco and Zurich Zoo also worked together on the exhibition on the theme of rainforest conservation in the monkey house.

Building Department of the Canton of Zurich

The Building Department of the Canton of Zurich is the contracting authority for setting up and running the nature centre. It heads the renaturation project in the Thurauen floodplain (Flood prevention and pasture landscape at the mouth of the Thur).

Animal rescue service of the Pfötli Animal Shelter

Close cooperation between the bird of prey sanctuary and the animal rescue service. All transportations of birds of prey – from where they are discovered to the sanctuary or from here to the Veterinary Hospital – are carried out by the animal rescue service.

Ornithological Institute in Sempach

Cooperation between the bird of prey sanctuary and the Ornithological Institute in Sempach in the areas of environmental education and the tagging of birds.

Network of Swiss Nature Centres

PanEco’s Thurauen Nature Centre is a member of the board of the national network of nature centres which was set up in 2011 and has around 20 members. Objective: better networking and more attention for Swiss nature centres, for example with the national open day.

Municipality of Flaach

Flaach in the Zurich Weinland region is the local community of the nature centre and the operator of the swimming pool on the same premises (Steubisallmend).


TCS runs the campsite right next to the nature centre at Steubisallmend. We work together to deal with the maintenance of the premises, waste disposal, bike hire, rented accommodation and individual events.

Indonesian Nature Conservation Authority

PanEco’s SOCP is based on an agreement with the Indonesian Nature Conservation Authority which gives the full support of the government for the programme. Together with the authority, SOCP carries out confiscations of orangutans kept illegally as pets.

Frankfurt Zoological Society

The Frankfurt Zoological Society is an international nature conservation organisation which campaigns for the preservation of biodiversity. It heads and gives financial support to the orangutan reintroduction station in Jambi.

Orang Utan Coffee

The Orang Utan Coffee project supports farmers who run their coffee plantations ecologically and do not clear the rainforest. 50 euro cents per kilo of Orang Utan Coffee go to PanEco to support the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.


«Orang-Utans in Not e.V.» is a german association, which supports our Orangutan Conservation Programme financially for a few years. They support projects for protecting wild living orangutans in Sumatra and in Borneo.