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SURGERY DAY AT THE RESCUE AND REHABILITATION CENTRE The new orangutan patient Ipi is being prepared for his upper thigh surgery. Full view


The orangutan patients Hope and Ipi were operated on February 2nd by our local veterinary team on Sumatra. Swiss surgeon Dr. Andreas Messikommer provided additional support.

Ipi our new orangutan arrival was brought to our station on 11 January with a broken thigh bone. He had been rescued from illegal traffickers. The veterinary team of our rescue and rehabilitation station was able to successfully operate the complex fracture with the support of the Swiss doctor Dr. Andreas Messikommer. The surgery went well and without complications. We expect a quick recovery of our young patient. In case of a good development we expect that he will soon be able to climb in the rainforest school. Ipi has good prospects for a future as a free and independent animal in the tropical rainforest.

Last Spring the female Orangutan Hope was shot several times with an air rifle. She was brought to our recue and rehabilitation station with 74 air pellets in her whole body. First examinations in the station showed that she had lost her eyesight on both eyes and had a broken collarbone. She developed also several infections asaresult the severe injuries. To stabilize the bone, Dr. Messikommer had placed a metal plate into her shoulder. After healing, the team removed it surgically without complications. The female orangutan is now recovering from this procedure. We hope for a safe and quick recovery. Hope’s fate is one of the most tragic in our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme and caused worldwide attention.

An enormous area of rainforest in Southeast Asia is cleared in order to plant palm oil monocultures. As a result, numerous animals and plants lose their habitat, such as the orangutans.

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